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Kazakhstan actress reacts to Iranian audience

Kazakhstan actress reacts to the Iranian audience over her controversial role in 'The Legend of Tomiris'.

 Kazakhstan actress Almira Tursyn reacts to the objection of the Iranian audience to her controversial role in  'The Legend of Tomiris', originally known as 'Tomiris'.

In one of the movie scenes, the Kazakh actress beheaded Persian King Cyrus the Great who enjoys a remarkable reputation for justice across the globe.

Such depiction arouses a great deal of anger among Iranian audiences who watched the scene to the extent that the outrage drove the actress to praise Iranian patriotism on her social media page.

"In the film, this is my role, in real life and as a person, I respect the country, the history, the love of the homeland and the spirit of patriotism!," the actress wrote.

This comes as the new historical flick by Akan Satayev has stirred up controversy over the false depiction of history in many instances, including a far-from-reality portrayal of Cyrus the Great. 

The synopsis for the flick claims, "Based on historical heroine Queen Tomiris of Massagetae and her cadre of female warriors (the real-life 6th century BCE Amazonians who inspired the mythical tales), 'The Legend of Tomiris' recounts the tale of the nomadic ruler who overcame great personal tragedy to repel the powerful Persian empire and unite the Great Steppe."

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