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‘In the Eye of the Storm’, patriotism-love combo

Laleh Eskandari, the actress of the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ talks with ifilm about the series.

Laleh Eskandari, the actress of the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ talks with ifilm about the series.

Eskandari started her acting career with a series by Ebrahim Hatamikia. He had a successful start and was able to shine very well in that role. Eskandari's ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ is a series in which she was involved for five years, playing one of the main roles.

ifilm: Ms. Eskandari, You played the role of Fakhr-o-Sadat in this series. How was this role offered to you and how did you accept it?

The main reason to accept the role in this series was the presence of director Jafari Jozani. In my opinion, he is one of the most talented directors, especially in historical projects. So, when I was offered this job, I was very happy that he directed it. I must also say that the script of this series attracted me a lot. I remember upon being offered this series, I went through a large part of the script in two or three days. The script for ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ was very appealing to me. Another reason for my presence in this series was good actors and a professional team attached to this project. Each of the actors in this series was the best, and I am very happy to have worked with them.

ifilm: As you said, the script of ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ was very interesting to you. What was interesting to you about the script of this series?

You see, history is always fascinating, and as our sages said, history is educative. When history is shown on screen, its charm multiplies. You watch more than half a century of the country's history in a series, and this is very attractive. Another attraction of this script is the theme being a combination of love and patriotism.

Reading books is yet to become a habit as it should in our society, and it is better to have historical events in the form of series. In this respect, historical series are very valuable and attractive.

I should also say that I played in the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ at two different periods and it was attractive to me because I had never experienced a role older than myself.

ifilm: You played in historical as well as social series. Which one do you prefer the most?

My preference is a good script. If the script is good, I will play in that series or movie. However, regarding historical works, I need say that the history of our country has been neglected a bit, and it is better to make more series and films about our country’s historical events so that it is kept for the future and everyone understands what happened to our country.

What are you up to these days?

These days, I am shooting for the series ‘Beheading Celebration’ that is set at a point in Iranian history, and in my opinion, it is a very attractive series.