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Iranian PhD holder teaches asylum-seeking children for free + Photos

Hassan Golchin, a teacher with 20 years of experience, is teaching asylum-seeking children for free.

Hassan Golchin, a teacher with 20 years of experience and a PhD holder from Iran’s Khuzestan Province, has been teaching asylum-seeking children, who could not enroll in public schools, for free.

Photos of Golchin, who teaches working children on the street or in the house of one of them, have recently gone viral, sparking the admiration of many people.

He has been teaching asylum-seeking children aged between 6 and 12 years for four months.

In addition to teaching them, Golchin also provides the children with stationery items, and hygiene products such as face masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Speaking to media this week, Golchin noted that the idea of helping those children came after he met an Afghan working child and noted that he was writing something on a notebook besides selling various items in one of the squares of Dezful County in Khuzestan.

“When I asked the boy ‘What are you doing?’ He lowered his head and closed his notebook with childish shyness,” Golchin said.

“I asked the boy about his name and told him ‘Arash, do you go to school?’ He shook his head and said ‘No, I don’t go to school and my mother sometimes teaches me’.”

Golchin added that the child was so happy when he told him that he is a teacher and he can teach him every day, and asked him enthusiastically “Uncle, will you teach me every day?”

Since then, Golchin has been teaching Arash for two hours a day after he obtained his parents’ permission.

The idea that Arash was improving and enjoying learning has pushed Golchin to look for more children like him to benefit them with his knowledge.

Golchin noted that he is currently teaching 25 boys and girls from Afghanistan and Pakistan.