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Sofia filmfest to show Iran’s ‘The Black Cat’

The 2021 Sofia Int'l Film Festival in Bulgaria is to screen Iranian feature ‘The Black Cat’.

The 2021 edition of the Sofia International Film Festival in Bulgaria has been scheduled to screen Iranian feature ‘The Black Cat’.

The Iranian film, directed by Karim Mohammad Amini and written by Ali Asghari, will go on screen at the International competition section of the 25th edition of the Bulgarian event.

A Bahram Radan’s production, the film has previously been screened at the international film festivals of Warsaw in 2020 and Dhaka in 2021.

 “It all started with a sunset that was no longer bleak,” a synopsis for ‘The Black Cat’ reads.

The film is starring Radan, Alireza Ostadi, Reza Yazdani, Ahmad Kavari, Payam Ahmadinia, Behrouz Qaderi, Setayesh Rajaeenia, Ehsan Karami, Ali Owji, Tarlan Parvaneh, Kia Rokni, Bahareh Kian-Afshar, and Hossein Pourkarimi.

It has been screened at some global events, including the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh and the Warsaw Film Festival in Poland.

“The film is a story about reality in the present day society through the eyes of the new generation in Iran - young people who are inevitably confronted with traditional conservatism. Today, rap is very popular among Iranian youth. However, this genre is not accepted by the government and the songs cannot be released legally. [However, rap music is legally accepted in Iran!] The authors must act illegally, as must their admirers - urban youths whose hopes and dreams are changing because of the Internet and social networks conquering the world. Famous Iranian actor Bahram Radan plays himself in the film and hosts a TV show broadcasted live via digital platform. He inadvertently faces a problem caused by a group of young people - this conflict affects his personal and professional life,” the website of the Sofia gala wrote about ‘The Black Cat’.

The Sofia festival, according to its website, is the biggest film festival in Bulgaria. The festival strives to make a connection between the local audience and the international cinemas.

The 2021 edition of the festival is slated for March 11-31.