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‘The Sixteenth Week’ heads to Los Angeles Short Film Festival

‘The Sixteenth Week’ by Hashem Jahromi is to vie at 2021 Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

‘The Sixteenth Week’, a short film by Hashem Jahromi, has found a place at the 2021 Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

Produced by Pouyan Sadeqi and written by Jahromi, ‘The Sixteenth Week’ will represent Iran at the 8th edition of the Los Angeles Short filmfest, which is due to take place online on March 13-14, 2021.

‘The Sixteenth Week’, which will mark its debut screening at the event along with 82 other films from around the globe, is about a young and pregnant woman named Mahya. Her husband’s financial problems have worried her to the extent that she sees her life and that of her husband in jeopardy.

Mahya’s husband is often beaten up by the creditors for not paying off his debts; and to get rid of them temporarily, they have to change their home constantly.

The desperate woman, who has had quite enough of it, decides to get them out of this situation by herself. Without knowing her husband, she makes a plan in the hope that she can save her husband and herself from the affliction.

Mahya, for the last time before executing her plan, tries to make her husband flee but her husband refuses to run away because of his dignity. Mahya has no choice but to make a decision to make her plan work.  

The Los Angeles Short Film Festival screen independent works. As a place for emerging talents to shine, the event provides filmmakers an opportunity to share their shorts with an enthusiastic and responsive audience that’s eager to see new films, new faces, and new art.