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Veteran comedian Akbar Abdi contracts coronavirus

Iranian veteran comedian Akbar Abdi contracts coronavirus.

Iranian veteran comedian Akbar Abdi has been admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, his daughter says.

Akbar Abdi’s daughter, Elmira, said on Wednesday that her father had been admitted to hospital earlier this week after he had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Abdi tested positive for the new coronavirus while he was working on a new TV series.

According to Elmira’s statement, the health condition of the veteran actor has got better and he will resume his work soon.

She also noted that Abdi’s family members contracted the virus and recovered at home, but the actor was transferred to hospital as he has recently had a heart surgery.

“My father was admitted to the hospital as he had undergone a heart surgery and will be discharged today,” she told the media on Wednesday.

Abdi was born in Tehran in August 1960.

The comedy actor gained fame in the 1980s by appearing in TV series such as ‘Boro Bia Neighborhood’ and ‘I’m Late for School Again’.

He has appeared in about 200 movies and series.

‘The Outcasts’, ‘Checkmate’, and ‘The Dowry's Sugar Bowl’ are among his movies.

Abdi has taken part in TV series such as ‘Imam Ali (AS)’, ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, ‘Passion to Fly’, and ‘Relatively Bad Guys’, which were aired on ifilm English TV channel.

Abdi played diverse roles such as the role of a child and middle-aged man in ‘The Magical Journey’, and an intellectually disabled boy in ‘Mother’, as well as playing the roles of a man and a woman in ‘Snowman’.

He received numerous awards for his performance in various works, including ‘Mother’ (1989) and ‘I’m Sleepy’ (2012).

ifilm website wishes the veteran actor good health and long life.