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Mokhrageh Lake, Iran’s biggest natural mirror

Mokhrageh seasonal lake joins sky to the earth.

Mokhrageh seasonal lake in Iranian province of Kerman weaves the sky into the earth.

The area owes its name to its agriculture. “Mokh” in local language means date fruit which used to exist in the region long time ago.

This seasonal lake, stretched on an area of 25 square kilometers, is known as the biggest natural mirror in Iran due to the amazing quality of reflecting the sky in it.

The evenness of the lake bed gives it the mirror-like feature.

As this body of water is only fed with the streams that flow with the rainfall, the optimum time to visit this area is from mid-autumn to mid-summer.

Any other time of the year, the entire ground is covered with salt.

Mokhrageh Lake is located 32 kilometers away from Shahr-e Babak city in Kerman Province.

Travelling to the region without a local guide is not recommended as the traveler may get stuck and lost in the swamps.