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Halal money in ‘They Live in Stories’

Don’t miss out on episodic melodrama ‘They Live in Stories’ themed on ethical concepts.

New ifilm series ‘They Live in Stories’ is themed on ethical and religious concepts in each episode.

In the first part of this episodic melodrama, the concept of putting good and Halal food on the table is highlighted.   

Based on Islamic teachings, people should earn money by the sweat of their brow and cannot make non-Halal or impermissible money by cheating others.

Such dirty money will definitely bring out negative effects on the life of people who are seeking it.

Our deeds lead to good and bad effects or Karma in some other religions.

Some rules in life are universal whether you are an atheist or a devout Christian, Jew or Muslim.

The series tries to portray such religious and ethical issues in life. You can watch this episode here.