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Iran attends Asia Media Summit 2017 in China

The Chinese city of Qingdao opens the 14th Asia Media Summit.

The Chinese city of Qingdao has opened the 14th edition of the Asia Media Summit in presence of media delegations from the Asian countries, including Iran.

The president of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Abdolali Ali-Askari headed the Iranian delegation at the event, which was held in China on Tuesday morning.

The Chinese capital of Beijing hosted another edition of the meeting in 2010, when more than 600 representatives from media of Asian countries attended.

The program, themed 'Leading Media, World Development', deals with ways to overcome different international and regional challenges such as the environment, natural resources, climate change and economics.

Ali-Askari addressed the first day of the summit, talking about issues such as the threat of terrorism and the role of media in informing societies about the danger.

He added that media's role today is to promote peace, friendship, and ethics as well as to fight religion-phobia to provide the world with societies independent from any color, race and bias.

Head of the Iranian delegation also noted that the internet is a super-media and an international forum that has broken the borders between countries to change almost everything in culture, politics, economics and lifestyle.

Ali-Askari, who left Iran to participate at the 2017 Asia Media Summit in China, also discussed cooperation with the head of China’s state broadcasting company, CCTV, before the summit.

The 14th edition of the Asia Media Summit started on June 6 in the Chinese city of Qingdao and will end on Thursday, June 8.