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US female Muslim has graduation-cum-Ramadan feast

Egyptian American Muslim journalist has combined Ramadan and graduation bliss.

Dina Sayedahmed, an Egyptian American Muslim, celebrates graduation in her family's home as they hold an Iftar feast during Ramadan in New Jersey.

With a major in journalism and political science, Sayedahmed published on a range of topics, including Islamophobia in the US, hijab, gun control, black lives matter.

Here is a sample of her writings published by the The Huffington Post:

“Muslims and other minority groups have been denied the privilege of being individualized. Until attacks by groups like Daesh stop being attributed to an entire population, Muslims will never be safe from demonization.”



flo r. noy

congrats to everyone during Ramadan. best time to wish for blessings cuz the devils are chained and God is always listening.