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Islamabad seminar discusses ‘Urdu in Iran’

Pakistan has hosted seminar of ‘Urdu in Iran’ in Islamabad.

A seminar on language and literature titled ‘Urdu in Iran’ has been held in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad.

The National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) in Islamabad has hosted the event on Friday, attended by a number of Iranian and Pakistani participants.

NLPD Director General Iftikhar Arif, NLPD Executive Director Tehsina Jehan and Iranian Professor Ali Bayat were among the scholars attended the seminar.

The contributors discussed promotion of the Urdu language in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Bayat, who is the Assistant Professor at the Urdu Department of the University of Tehran, said Iran and Pakistan agreed to establish the Urdu department at the University in 1991.

“The Pakistani scholars in Tehran helped reinforce the Urdu department and currently the language is being taught in the two degrees of B.A and M.A,” Bayat said, adding that more collaboration is needed with the Pakistani counterparts.

“We would also like to increase cooperation between the scientific and cultural organizations in Iran and Pakistan,” he added.

Iftikhar Arif, for his part, expressed thanks to Bayat for helping to promote Urdu as well as for deepening bilateral cooperation through the promotion of culture and literature.

He also expressed thanks to Iranian officials for their efforts in promoting culture to help develop cultural ties with neighboring countries.