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Famed Iran comedian Ghafourian joins ‘Fire and Machete’

Iranian actor Mehran Ghafourian joins the cast of ‘Fire and Machete’ by Mohammad Arab Gorgani.

Iran comedy star Mehran Ghafourian has recently joined the cast of ‘Fire and Machete’ by Mohammad Arab Gorgani.

Ghafourian already started shooting for the film as well as other Iranian actors including Hossein Yari, Amir Hossein Sedigh and Ali Mashhadi.

“When I was little they used to warn me of fire...when I saw Imam Reza's (AS) shrine...My daily life became fire...I saw that fire burns impurity and softens hardship...” the new film’s brief synopsis teased.

Born August 25, 1974 in Tehran, Mehran Ghafourian became interested in painting following in his father’s steps and attended the Technical School of Visual Arts and continued his higher education in painting.

Ghafourian’s first acting experience took place in Dariush Kardan’s comedic series ‘Festival 39’ (1994).

He then found fame by directing and appearing in the series ‘Under the City Sky’ (2001-2002).

Ghafourian has acted in several series, such as ‘The Store’ (1996), ‘Night of the Fox’ (1996), ‘My Dad’s Inheritance’ (2005), ‘This New Year’ (2009), ‘Stepmother’ (2010), ‘A Way Out’ (2011), ‘Rental Home’ (2011-2012), ‘Suitcase’ (2012), ‘Bad Days Pass’ (2013), and 'In Hashieh' (2014-2015).

He entered cinematic films by appearing in ‘Charlatan’ (2004).

He has also taken part in a number of other movies, including ‘The Choice’ (2004), ‘The Wrong Woman’ (2005), ‘Milk and Honey’ (2009), ‘Wedding Rings’ (2009), ‘Combo Pizza’ (2010), and ‘The Carriage’ (2013).