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Armenian artists to attend film week in Iran

Armenian artists Aram Shahbazyan and Aren Vatyan are to attend Armenian Film Week in Iran.

Armenian Film Week in Iran has been scheduled to host filmmaker Aram Shahbazyan and actor Aren Vatyan.

The Armenian Film Week will be held on July 23-29 in the Iranian cities of Tehran, Mashhad, and Shiraz.

The organizers announced that the venues for the week are Tehran’s Iranian Artists Forum, Mashhad’s Hoveizeh Cinema Complex, and Shiraz’s Golestan Cinema Complex.

Shahbazyan has studied Theatre and Cinema at Yerevan State Institute film directing in France.

Now working for Shoghakat TV in Yerevan, he had collaborated in production of films such as ‘Report during Supper’ (1995), ‘Lavash’ (1997), ‘Inside & Outside’ (1999), ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ (2007), and ‘Yerevan Ragtime’.

Making his first short film titled ‘The Clay Man’ in 2012 and working at Yerevan’s Drama Theater, stage and screen actor Vatyan is mostly known for his appearance in ‘Do Not Be Afraid’ (2007), ‘Lake Van’ (2011), and ‘Here’ (2011).

Iran’s Art and Experience Cinema has organized the film week in collaboration with the Embassy of Armenia in Tehran.

According to a recent (non-confirmed) report, the modern Armenian cinema annually produces two or three features, about eight short films and some 15 documentaries.