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Iran veteran actress Gohar Kheirandish cast for ‘Los Angeles-Tehran'

Veteran actress Gohar Kheirandish has been cast for Iranian film ‘Los Angeles-Tehran'.

Ever popular veteran actress Gohar Kheirandish has joined the cast for Iranian film in development ‘Los Angeles-Tehran'.

Being at the helm of Iranian actress-turned-director Tina Pakravan, the film will have Kheirandish as a new addition to the project.

This is the second appearance of Kheirandish in Pakravan’s films as she previously starred in ‘It Happened at Midnight’.

Before the veteran actress, Iranian actresses Mahaya Petrosian and Mahnaz Afshar signed on to play in the film.

‘Los Angeles-Tehran’ is currently in the pre-production stage and other cast of the movie will be introduced in the future.

As a graduate of Acting and Directing from University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, Gohar Kheirandish began working at the Fars Province Office of Culture and Art in 1970. 

Her film debut was 'Days of Anticipation' (1986).

She has appeared in many diverse and memorable roles and is known as a versatile actress.

Kheirandish’s appearances in 'Under the City’s Rooftops' (1989), 'Face' (1995), 'The Victorious Warrior' (1998), 'High Altitude' (2001) and 'Fifth Reaction' (2002) won her Crystal Simorgh noms for Best Actress in a Supporting Role from Fajr Film Festival.  

She won the Certificate of Merit for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 20th Fajr International Film Festival for 'High Altitude'. 


Martin Jake

She's a good actress. I am curious to see her in the new role.