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Iran organizes art contest to support Persian Gulf

Iran’s Art Bureau is to hold an art and literature contest to support historical name of Persian Gulf.

Iran’s Art Bureau (Hozeh-Honari) has set to hold an art and literature contest to support the historical name of the Persian Gulf.

Affiliated to the Islamic Development Organization, the bureau will hold the multidisciplinary contest against the baseless disparage by certain Arab states and the recent political gaffe by US President Donald Trump.

According to a news piece published by the public relations office of the bureau, the competition will be held in the categories of poetry, prose, short story, short play, short screenplay, cartoon and caricature.

The deadline for submission of works is November 21, 2017, and the selected works will be subsequently awarded. Winning contenders will be informed about their works for future publication by the Art Bureau as part of a collection or individually.

In a recent bellicose speech, Trump referred to the Persian Gulf, the body of water that borders the south of Iran, with the false name “Arabian Gulf” that instantly angered many groups, including the Iranians.

Iran designated April 30 as National Persian Gulf Day to highlight that the waterway has always been referred to by historians and ancient texts as exclusively “Persian”.