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Elnaz Shakerdoust, Amir Jafari to costar in ‘Lost’

Actress Elnaz Shakerdoust and actor Amir Jafari are to costar in a play on stage.

Iranian actress Elnaz Shakerdoust and actor Amir Jafari have been set to costar in a play on stage.

The play titled ‘Gom-o-Gour’ (literally meaning to very lost) by Amir Mohandesian will go on stage from November 12.

The director said the main theme of this realist play is birth, highlighted in contrast with death. It is set in a cemetery.

Kaveh Ebrahim, Alireza Zare-Parast, Fardin Shah-Hosseini, and Samaneh Aqa-Zamani are also in the troupe.

The play will be on stage until December 15, 2017, in Tehran’s Iranshahr Theater Hall.

Born in 1984, Shakerdoust became interested in acting and later received a degree in Theater from Tehran University.

When Kioumars Pourahamd was looking for an actress for his ‘Ice Flower’ in 2004, he met Shakerdoust and immediately selected her for female leading role of his film.

Less than one year, Shakerdoust acted diverse roles in four movies. Her acting skills in ‘Singles’ and ‘Who Killed Amir?’ made her nominated for two Iran Cinema Celebration Awards for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Shakerdoust has appeared in movies such as ‘Murder Online’, ‘How Much for You to Cry?’, ‘The Night Bus’, 'Rules of the Game’, ‘Two Sisters’, ‘Carnival of Death’, ‘Ungrateful’, ‘The First Condition’, ‘Scandal’ and ‘Taboo’, from 2005 to 2014.

She has also acted in a series titled ‘Heart of Ice’ in 2010.

Born in 1974, Jafari studied Management at the Islamic Azad University and took acting courses at Samandarian Institute.

He made his cinematic debut in 2001 with the film ‘Bread, Love and 1000cc Bike’. He appeared in the series ‘No Comment’, directed by Mehdi Mazloumi, in the same year.

Jafari has appeared in many movies, including ‘Poisonous Mushroom’, ‘Down and Out’, ‘The Postman Doesn't Ring Three Times’, ‘The Snitch’, ‘The Pickpocket of the South Street’, ‘Thirteen’, ‘The Rules of Accidents’, ‘Block 9, Exit 2’, ‘Stranger’ and ‘Confession of My Dangerous Mind’, from 2001 to 2014.

‘I’m a Tenant’, ‘The Forbidden Fruit’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Under the Vestibule’, ‘The Bounced Check’ and ‘Madness of Love’ are among the series in which he has performed from 2003 to 2011.