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Iran film ‘Orphanage of Iran’ screened at Imperial College London

‘Orphanage of Iran’ goes on screen at the Imperial College London in the UK.

The movie ‘Orphanage of Iran’ has been screened at the Imperial College London in the UK.

Directed by Abolqasem Talebi, the movie was displayed in the UK by the international section of the Ammar Popular Film Festival.

‘Orphanage of Iran’ is a 120-minute historical account of the war crimes committed by British forces against the Iranian people.

The film sheds light on the direct and indirect role of the British government in the mass-killing of nearly half of the Iranian population during World War I.

During the war, Iran was struck by a drought in the years between 1917 and 1919 after Russian and British forces occupied the Persian lands and mercilessly looted people’s food resources.

The cast of the film includes popular actors such as Aliram Nouraei, Farrokh Nemati, Jafar Dehqan, Bahar Mohammadpour, Ali Shademan and Melika Shaban.