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Dhaka Film Festival to screen Iran’s ‘The End of Dreams’

The 26th Dhaka Int’l Film Festival in Bangladesh is to screen Iranian title ‘The End of Dreams’.

The 26th edition of the Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) in Bangladesh has accepted Iranian title ‘The End of Dreams’ in the competition section.

Directed by Mohammad-Ali Talebi, ‘The End of Dreams’ will compete in the Spiritual Films Section of the 26th DIFF.

‘The End of Dreams’ tells the story of a boy living in a northern Iranian village. Once his father buys a horse that the boy likes a lot. The boy makes a mistake when he goes for a ride and keeps it to himself; but keeping the mistake as a secret leads to even more troubles for him.

Talebi is mostly known for making movies for children. He was interested in several art forms already in the age of ten in an art institute for children and the youth.

While studying film directing at the university he made about ten short films for children. Later he wrote and directed more than 50 TV programs, documentaries, features and various instructive shows.

‘Promise’, ‘Wind and Fog’, ‘Wall’, ‘You are Free’, ‘Tick Tack’, ‘Boot’, and ‘City of Mice’ are among his most popular feature films.

The DIFF’s Spiritual Films section promotes public discourse on the place of faith and spirituality in the human context. The idea is for viewers to distinguish between elements of identity in spirituality as opposed to the abuse of faith in fundamentalism.

Launched in 1992 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the 26th edition of the DIFF is slated for January 12-20, 2018.