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Iran-US ‘1st Born’ goes to editing stage

The first Iran, Hollywood coproduction ‘1st Born’ goes to editing stage.

The first Iran and Hollywood coproduction ‘1st Born’ directed by Ali Atshani has started the editing stage.

Passing the post-production steps, the crew is getting the film ready for screening as soon as possible.

They are preparing the film for Val Kilmer who is suffering throat cancer and is not feeling well these days, the film’s public relations announced.

A two-year battle with throat cancer has taken its toll, and a procedure on Kilmer’s trachea has reduced his voice to a rasp and rendered him short of breath.

Kilmer is known for his roles in some high-profile Hollywood movies, including ‘Top Gun’, ‘Batman Forever’, ‘Heat’, and ‘Tombstone’.

The film is about a couple’s first pregnancy that faces complications. Both sides of their family must come together to manage the situation, but Ben’s father is an anti-American Iranian politician and Kate’s father is an American politician who takes a stickler stance against Iran.

Being the first joint feature film co-production by Tehran and Hollywood, ‘1st Born’ is notable for using a cast and crew from both the US and Iran.

Earlier, renowned Hollywood actors, including Tom Berenger, William Baldwin, Robert Knepper, Armin Amiri and Jay Abdo joined the project in Los Angeles.

‘1st Born’ is being produced by Sam Khoze in LA Independent Film and Entertainment in Hollywood and Iran.