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Sunday January 22, 2017 19:32657

‘Persian Gulf War 2’ animation to open in Iran cinemas

An Iranian animated movie on the country's confrontation with US invasion is to hit cinemas in Iran.

‘Persian Gulf War 2’ animation featuring confrontation of Iranian military forces with US invasion is set to be screened at cinemas in the country soon.

The film produced by Fatemeh Zahra (SA) Animation group will be shown in Iranian movie theaters in the upcoming days with cinemas in holy city of Mashhad to premiere ‘Persian Gulf War 2', a press released said on Saturday.

Farhad Azima’s animation is the first realistic animated project in Iran Cinema, which is the product of hardworking hands of the organization after three years.

The animation features how Iranian forces can deal with US provocations in the country and acts as a sequal to the animation 'Persian Gulf War', co-produced by the Fatemeh Zahra (SA) Animation group and Owj Arts and Media Organization.

The group claimed on its website that the original version of the animation was voluntarily distributed  in various parts of France, triggering a new discourse among online users.