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Sunday January 7, 2018 10:59720

US sex scandal to widen at Golden Globes

Globes actresses in black vis-à-vis Hollywood sex scandal

As the sexual harassment crisis keeps irking the US film industry members, actresses are planning a dress-campaign.

After US filmmakers took the sexual harassment scandal overwhelming Hollywood as a "positive" moment that could draw special attention to and end decades of abuse in the US film industry, the symbolic black-suite at the Golden Globes is underway.

Black suites all over the red carpet; that’s the ornament everybody will be wearing at the cinematic event to take a stand against sexual harassment.

Perhaps the best hope for headline-grabbing at the Globes will be the images of all those stars wearing black. This protest has now been confirmed as part of a new initiative led collectively by hundreds of big names.

To many, the all-male list of directors has been dismaying, as an indicator of discrimination against the female cast and crew in the US film industry.

Now, the “Time’s Up” initiative aims to counter systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood and elsewhere, with the most interesting part being the allocation of specific funds to assist the legal fights of working-class women in less privileged industries.

The 2018 edition of the Golden Globes is scheduled to kick off today, January 7.