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Trump-exposé may well go to small screen

Bestselling book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ is to be turned into a television series.

Bestselling book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ is slated to be adapted into a television series.

Journalist Michael Wolff’s bestselling book, which has drawn the ire of the US President Donald Trump, brought in a reportedly seven-figure bid toward the making of a television series.

The series is rumored to reflect the storyline of the book, which narrates the first chaotic year of Trump’s White House after Wolff was granted unprecedented access behind the scenes.

The immensely popular book became the year’s first publication to sell more than 1 million copies.

Trump has condemned the book, which depicts a chaotic administration and a president unfit for office, as full of made-up stories.

Author Michael Wolff was given access to Trump’s first year in the White House, who later wrote the exposé that was published in this month.

Trump expressed his disdain not only for the book but for its author, saying the book was written by a “total loser”.

Translated into Persian by Iranian scholar Ali Salami, the immensely popular title is being published by Mehrandish Books.