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Iran short film ‘Exit Toll’ to be screened at Tampere Film Festival

Iranian short film ‘Exit Toll’ is to be screened at the Tampere Film Festival in Finland.

Iranian short film ‘Exit Toll’ has been scheduled to be screened at the 48th edition of the Tampere Film Festival in Finland.

The 19-minute ‘Exit Toll’ directed by Mohammad Najjarian-Daryani is a France-Iran production which narrates the story of a man who is tired of repetition in his life and dreams of taking off and going on a  journey while working at an exit toll leading to airport.

The main cast of the flick to represent Iran at the Finish film event includes Babak Jamshidi, Niloufar Nedaee, Amin Najafi, and Stewart Denison.

The Tampere Film Festival brings together more than 30,000 film enthusiasts, be it professionals or amateurs, every year in March.

The heart of the program is formed by International and National Short Film Competitions. The festival receives approximately 4,000 submissions annually. Out of those, an estimated 110 films from 40 countries are selected.

The 48th Tampere Film Festival is slated for March 7–11, 2018, in Tampere, southern Finland.