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Tuesday February 13, 2018 14:45157

Norway fest nominates Iran animation

Iran short animated piece ‘Alphabet’, has been nominated for Best Animation Award at the 2nd Norwegian International Seagull Short Film Festival.

Directed by Kianoush Abedi, the animation will vie for the top award of the Norwegian event.

Alphabet is a 3D animation produced in late 2017. The 6-minute animated piece depicts a nation that has forgotten the alphabet of living. They cannot see, cannot hear, and cannot speak, but the words are waiting for them eagerly.

“According to my observation, humans are moving away from their true selves with each passing day. The animation is for adults,” Abedi said about the story of his work.

This is while the flick recently grabbed two awards at the 5th Speechless Film Festival in the US and the 5th Festival Sayulita in Mexico.

The Norwegian International Seagull Short Film festival is slated to be held Febuary 16 to 18, 2018 in Haugesund, Norway.