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Iran actress Elnaz Shakerdoust to star in new project ‘Full Moon Night’.

Elnaz Shakerdoust is to join Narges Abyar’s new project ‘Full Moon Night’.

Iranian actress Elnaz Shakerdoust has been selected by veteran female director Narges Abyar to star in her new project ‘Full Moon Night’.

Elnaz Shakerdoust is to play the female leading role of the flick. She is the second star selected by the director for the new feature.

 Houman Seyyedi was the first actor picked by Narges Abyar  for ‘Full Moon Night’.

The flick narrates the story of a young girl who lives in the Southern areas of the Iranian capital city of Tehran. She is forced to emigrate for some reasons.

Born June 28, 1984 in Tehran, Elnaz Shakerdoust became interested in acting and later received a degree in Theater from Tehran University.

When Kioumars Pourahamd was looking for an actress for his ‘Ice Flower’ (2004), he met Shakerdoust and immediately selected her for female leading role of his film.

Less than one year, Shakerdoust acted diverse roles in four movies.

Her acting skills in ‘Singles’ (2004) and ‘Who Killed Amir?’ (2005) made her nominated for two Iran Cinema Celebration Awards for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Shakerdoust has appeared in movies such as ‘Murder Online’ (2005), ‘How Much for You to Cry?’ (2005), ‘The Night Bus’ (2006), 'Rules of the Game' (2006), ‘Two Sisters’ (2008), ‘Carnival of Death’ (2008), ‘Ungrateful’ (2009), ‘The First Condition’ (2009), ‘Scandal’ (2012) and ‘Taboo’ (2014).