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Tuesday March 13, 2018 19:37295

Rambod Javan new film shooting kicks off

Iranian director Rambod Javan has started filming his new project 'Murphy's Law'.

The shooting stage for Javan's new film is currently underway in northern Iran.

Having a main role in the film, this is Javan's third movie in which he has also starred.

Amir Jafari, Amir Jadidi, Hadi Kazemi and Soroush Sehhat are the other main cast of the action comedy.

Born in 1971, Rambod Javan began stage acting in 1991.

Three years later, he came into the spotlight with a short role in 'The Spouses' and found fame after appearing in the series 'Green House'.

In 2002, he directed his first series, 'Lost', which was broadcast during the fasting month of Ramadan and was well-received by both viewers and critics.

Rambod made his film-directing debut with 'Spaghetti in 8 minutes' in 2005 and received a Fajr International Film Festival Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for 'Sinners'.

The diverse roles he took on in 'Mummy 3' and 'A Place of Love' established him as a versatile actor. Many critics, however, believe 'Pink' was the apex of his acting career.

He was nominated for a Fajr International Film Festival Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor for 'Pink'.

Rambod has appeared in many other series and movies, including 'Born Again', 'Help Me', 'The Magic Coat', 'Max', 'Souvenir from Abroad', 'The Music Box', 'Adam's Son, Eve's Daughter', 'No Men Allowed', 'The Lab' and 'Conditional Release'.