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Tuesday March 13, 2018 21:07123

Scottish Independent filmfest to host 'Weavers of Imagination'

The Scottish Independent Film Festival has set to host Iranian documentary 'Weavers of Imagination'.

Directed by Mohammad-Sadeq Jafari, the film is to be screened at the fourth edition of the event.

The documentary tells the story of a number of blind people who devise a Braille plan for weaving a carpet.

It also depicts the good relationship and the happy moments that they have when they get together.

The documentary has so far succeeded to receive Best Documentary Awards from the first edition of the Lifft India World Festival held in Lonavla, a region near Mumbai.

‘Weavers of Imagination’ was also selected for the main section of the Zlatna Anthropology Festival in Romania in 2017.

Held in two cities of Edinburgh and Stirling, the non-competitive Scottish festival will screen 30 films from around the world.

The Scottish Independent Film Festival believes in diversity, identity, creativity and above all imagination.

The festival is scheduled to be held in April, 2018.