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Monday March 19, 2018 17:08466

‘Huge Problems’ star Mohammad-Javad Ezzati speaks with ifilm

Famed Iranian comedy star Mohammad-Javad Ezzati featuring in many ifilm series and movies talks with the channel in an exclusive interview.

The great comedian/actor acted in ifilm series such as ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ (2011), ‘Chimney’ (2013), ‘Huge Problems 1’ (2014), and ‘Huge Problems 2’ (2015).

He also appeared in movies run by ifilm, including ‘Angels Come Together’ (2013) and ‘Track 143’ (2013).

The acting powerhouse said to ifilm that “I think about any role I take up as my best work,” adding, “I've included the element of variety in my works, though such variety in roles has not been seen and just in recent years my new experiences are being noticed.”

 He also said these days, critics and the audience scrutinize his works, "but my path is the same.”

The actor notes that he tries to steer away from controversy, adding, “I do not want others to decide for me. I try to choose the best and continue such track.”