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Thursday March 22, 2018 09:24366

ifilm weekend flick ‘Queen’ in review

ifilm new flick ‘Queen’ handpicked for this weekend is a multi-award winning title themed on Iraq-Iran war.

The pic directed by Mohammad-Ali Basheh-Ahangar narrates the story of Siavash who is a forward observer giving orders to fire mortars at the enemy during the war imposed on Iran by former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

He is also an amateur beekeeper constantly on the lookout for beehives in the city where his watchtower is located.

Basheh-Ahangar’s work has been praised at 16th Iran Cinema Celebration organized by the Iranian House of Cinema, winning big with 11 awards--including Best Director as well as Best Actor In a Leading Role presented to Milad Keymaram.

‘Queen’ grabbed critical acclaim at the 30th Fajr Film Festival in Iran, scooping the Crystal Simorgh awards for Best Music and Best Costume and Scenic Design. The flick’s visual effects won a mention as well.

“In terms of technical quality and special effects, this film is very respectable” in comparison with some other films focusing on Sacred Defense and Iraq-Iran war, a review on ‘Queen’ reads.

The piece finds the pic very “enjoyable to see”, adding that 'Queen' is a narrative of "bees that sting while knowing they will die given their home is worth much more than life.”

Don’t miss this weekend’s ifilm show as you will be amazed at grabbing theme as well as superb acting, film score and visual effects. On top of that, your hugely popular actor Mostafa Zamani stars in it!.