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A reflection of Nowruz in Iranian films

Nowruz (the Persian New Year) is intimately intertwined with Iranian culture, thus prompting acclaimed movies to reflect slivers of such rich tradition in the country.

This piece makes you more familiar with some Iranian films having their opening scenes set some time around the Persian New Year.

‘So Close, So Far’ (2004)

‘So Close, So Far’ (also known as ‘Too Close, Too Far Away’) is an award-winning Iranian film directed by Reza Mirkarimi.

It tells the story of a prominent neurosurgeon, played by Masoud Rayegany, whose life is suddenly jolted when he learns that his son is terminally ill.

The film begins a few days before the Persian New Year’s celebrations.

Masoud Rayegan is featured as a male leading star of the film.  

‘Fireworks Wednesday’ (2005)

Acclaimed film ‘Fireworks Wednesday’ (2005) by Iran Oscar-winning actor Asghar Farhadi is another example of a cinematic title narrating a story set in the time just before the Persian New Year.

“With ‘Fireworks Wednesday’ Farhadi turns his attention to the Iranian middle class and the strains within the marriages of people who are materially comfortable,” a review reads.

The film story unfolds at the time of Iranian fire fest “Chaharshanbeh Soori” on the last Tuesday of the Persian calendar year. Gold fish and green sprouts are seen arranged on the side of the street with firecrackers being heard.

Hedyeh Tehrani, Taraneh Alidousti, and Hamid Farokhnezhad star in the flick.

‘The Glass Agency’ (1998)

The multi-award winner directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia recounts the story of a war veteran living in post-war Iran who takes hostage everyone in a travel agency to force the fund of a medical trip to England for one of his old comrade-in-arms

Hatamikia's depiction of veterans from the Iran-Iraq war stars Parviz Parastouee, Reza Kianian and Habib Rezaee.

The internationally acclaimed flick’s opening scene features people on the eve of the Persian New Year.


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