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Iranian director Majid Majidi commends India for filmmaking

Iranian director Majid Majidi commends India as the best place for filmmaking.

Iranian director Majid Majidi has commended India as the best place for filmmaking out of Iran.

Talking during a recent sponsorship program for his latest movie, 'Beyond the Clouds', in Mumbai, Majidi said India is the best place for filmmaking out of Iran due to the cultural proximity.

"Making films outside of the country is difficult for the director, but cultural relationship resolves the difficulty," he added.

The director also noted that clothing and language in India is comparable to those in Baluchestan region in Iran and as he made a movie in Baluchestan in 1992, he knew that India would be the best place to make a film overseas.

The flick, set in the slums of Mumbai in India, enjoyed its global premiere on October 13, 2017, with a follow-up screening the day after.

Majidi’s melodrama is the tale of a wild kid who deals drugs and crisscrosses with his motorbike across the city to make the next drop. He reunites with his estranged sister, Taara, in time to become her lifeline after she is being jailed for attempted murder while defending herself.

The film stars Indian actors Ishaan Khattar and Malavika Mohanan in the leading roles.

Born in 1959, Majidi is an internationally appreciated film producer, director and screenwriter who starred in some movies such as ‘Justification’, ‘Two Sightless Eyes’ and ‘Boycott’ from 1981 to 1985.

He has directed a bunch of films from 1991 to 2017, winning a Crystal Simorgh from the Fajr International Film Festival, an Academy Award nomination for ‘Children of Heaven’, lots of international awards for ‘The Color of Heaven’ and ‘Baran’ among the other titles.