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US director unveils Hollywood secret

Influential US director whistleblows at Hollywood for regime affiliation.

Renowned American filmmaker Oliver Stone has criticized Hollywood's close-knit relations with the US administration.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 36th international Fajr Film Festival, the acclaimed American cineaste, who has ‘JFK’ as one of the feathers in his cap, pinpointed the US government’s full-fledged support for ‘Argo’ as an example of Hollywood's hypocrisy.

Stone added that the then-first-lady, Michelle Obama in a livestream, announced the film 'Argo' as an Oscar winner, which shows the degree of intimacy among the Hollywood and the White house.

Although Stone has, on and off, produced movies that imply his opposition to the US policies, his political inclination toward the democrats, and the unwavering support he has been receiving from the major filmmaking firms are indicative of his affiliation to the status-quo.

The 36th FIff is underway since April 19, and is scheduled to wrap up on April 27, 2018, in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.