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Monday November 13, 2017 20:3189

ifilm talks with 'Factor 8' series star

‘Factor 8’ series star Pejman Bazeghi sits down for an exclusive interview with ifilm, sharing thoughts on past and current developments in his artistic career.

Born in 1974 in Tehran, Pejman Bazeghi was raised in a family of five. The actor is originally from northern Iran, specifically the city of Lahijan.

He was accompanied by his family to the city of Bushehr after the outbreak of the war, where his father was sent to the city to defend the waters of the Persian Gulf.

After the war, Bazghi returns to Tehran and is accepted at Azad University in the field of mining engineering.

In 1994, Bazeghi set foot on the long and winding road of cinema and joined the youth cinema in Gilan and made his acting debut with ‘Confession’. ‘The Friendship Agency’ is his second artistic work.

The presence of prominet actors in the series who were the real veterans in this artistic career of the seventh art gave Bazeghi the chance to see and learn at the same time.

ifilm interviewed this star:

ifilm: ‘The Friendship Agency’ is the starting platform for you, explain to us how you joined the cast of this series?

Bazeghi: I completed a form, then underwent an acting test and succeeded in the test and was selected for a role in the series, which is one of the most important events of my artistic life.

ifilm: Did you know that you were supposed to play opposite Iranian actors of highest calibers such as Ferdows Kavianpour?

Bazeghi: Naturally, I felt afraid to stand next to them. But as time went on I merged with the role and the fear of me was replaced by love and mutual respect towards these stars.

ifilm: You have been acting in the series for two years and this is a long time for TV work. Did the team have problems because of the length of such period?

Bazeghi: I was busy for two years working in this series and it was different than today. The working hours as well as each filming session were limited, leading to the length of production. The series production team also decided to produce it in 65 episodes, which also made the work longer, but I did not feel the passage of time those days (laughter).

ifilm: You started acting on TV and still work with TV, do you like acting on TV?

Bazeghi: In fact, TV is my first home and I consider myself as an offspring of this medium. I will not accept any television show and pick the best ones, but one of the most important elements of working for TV is the large number of the viewers watching it. I love acting on TV and welcome offers to appear in series and my record of artistic work also shows this.

ifilm: You are currently busy playing in a for children and young adults, it seems that the world of children is attractive to you ...

Bazeghi: One of my most important responsibilities in life is the family, especially after God gave me a child such feeling has become more intense and highly important.. In my opinion, my new film is good work and will definitely impress viewers. The film's story is about help, cooperation and righteousness. In my opinion, more work should be done in the field of children and young people, and I also contribute to this field as much as I can.

ifilm: You are the one who played in the importnt film in Iranian cinema ‘Duel’ by Ahmad Reza Darvish. Does appearing in works catering for children and young people look like a retreat in your career?

Bazghi: I have always chosen this role with careful consideration. In my opinion, it is one of my various experiences. The works targeting children and young adults needs a renaissance, given that such cinematic area has not been focused as it deserved and I hope that the Iranian stars participate in such work to see a boom in this important genre once again.