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Tuesday December 5, 2017 16:5026

ifilm's exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Eshnougel’

Watch ifilm's exclusive report on the Iranian feature film ‘Eshnougel’ (Snorkel) directed by Ali Soleymani-Saransari as well as Hadi Hajatmand and produced by Ebrahim Asghari, starring Kaveh Sammakbashi.

Below are highlights of the report.

ifilm: The Sacred Defense is the eight-year war in which Saddam Hussein waged against Iran back in the 80s.

Ali Soleymani-Saransari, the director, used to star in movies with the Sacred Defense theme. However, his connections with the world of the Sacred Defense goes beyond that.

Ali Soleymani-Saransari: This is the third joint production Ali Hajatmand and I are involved in.

We had already worked on other projects. We realized that we share common thoughts. In fact, ‘Snorkel’ was proposed by Hadi Hajatmand from the Imam Sajjad (AS) Battalion in Mashhad.

ifilm: Ebrahim Asghari, the producer, has worked on many movies on this genre, but now his main concern are the divers martyred during the Iran-Iraq war.

Ebrahim Asghari: One or two years ago, we negotiated with Mr. Hajatmand and Mr. Soleymani about a proposition on the divers martyred in the Sacred Defense.

One was working on the issue of the divers martyred in Iraq-Iran war, because I think they were the most oppressed and vulnerable ones.

We have lost many divers in one of two operations. One part of it was my own personal motivation because one of my close relatives was among the divers martyred in the imposed war on Iran.

I always wanted to work on this theme.