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Thursday December 7, 2017 18:59117

‘Chimney’ star Behnam Tashakkor talks with ifilm

In an ifilm exclusive interview, Iranian comedy star Behnam Tashakkor appearing in ‘Chimney’ talks about his artistic career.

Behnam Tashakkor was introduced to Television with series such as  ‘Cops and ‘Chimney’.

ifilm went to the artist and talked with him that reading can be of interest to ifilmers. Below is a rough translation of highlighted parts for the interview conducted in Persian.

ifilm: You had the experience of working in theater before you entered television. At that time, did you think it was a bit hard to get into TV and perhaps you would not succeed?

Actor: I think most stage artists coming to TV are successful in television and cinema. I started taking up roles in theater plays in 1995-1996 and I'm still learning the ABC’s of theater.

I've been involved in theater for 16 years, but before that I had one or two works in cinema and Television. In 2008, I appeared on TV after doing some cinematic works. I was so passionate about theater works that it was less likely for me to get into Television. Of course, I am still more interested in theater.

ifilm: You have starred in Soroush Sehat’s films several times. How is it like to work with him?

Actor: Soroush Sehat is a great director; he is a noble as well as knowledgeable person who knows the comedy genre. He knew the dosage of comedy, and knowing the dosage is one of the key points that would safeguard good results when working with Soroush.

Houman Barqnavard has played in many series with you as your co-star and you two have almost become an acting duo. How do you see this?

We were together in several series like ‘Cops and Robbers’. In most sequences with Barqnavard, it was Houman who had the duty for the comic effect of the scenes, and I could not stop laughing in those moments I played opposite him. Sometimes we did 15 takes to record a sequence. The comic load of series I act in is on Barghnavard.

ifilm: You played in the 'Cops and Robbers' series. Was it risky to appear in this show as it might have been a repeat of your previous roles.

Actor: Yes, but our group, especially Barqnavard and Shaqayeq Dehqan, who had more sequences to play together, knew how each of us would play in the series and had good interaction with each other.

ifilm: And the last question is what you're up to these days?

Actor: These days, I'm busy working in a theater play. I also have a cinematic work titled ‘Celebration of Longing’ as well as a special occasion series called ‘Hidden Pain’ in which I played a different role.