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10 Iran films to watch at least once– Part 3

10 Iran films to watch at least once– Part 3

Films have the capability to usher viewers into customs and traditions of a country as well as how people in a locality think.

Focusing on the country’s social and cultural issues, Iranian Cinema has taken the limelight in many international film festivals. Read on to discover ten must-see Iranian films at least once in a lifetime.

3) Hamoun (1989)

‘Hamoun’ is a psychological drama movie by Iranian mega-director Dariush Mehrjui.

In a series of flashbacks and dreams, ‘Hamoun’ tells the story of the midlife crisis of a self-absorbed man played by Khosro Shakibaee who can't accept or realize why his wife wants a divorce.

In 1997, the movie was voted the best Iranian film of all time by Iranian film critics, superseding Mehrjui’s Gaav (The Cow, 1969) from the top position.

Many short-duration shots along with numerous zoom shots have given ‘Hamoun’ a nervous and dynamic mode.

‘Hamoun’ has often been described as employing Fellini-like dream sequences and flashbacks.  



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