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Wednesday January 3, 2018 18:06189

‘After the Rain’ series star talks with ifilm

In an ifilm exclusive interview, Iranian actress Marjan Mohtasham starring in ‘After the Rain’ series says her character depicts the real image of an Iranian woman in rural Iran.

ifilm asked the actress if ‘After the Rain’ series was successful and even pioneered in depicting the real picture of an Iranian woman who lives in the most distant places in the country’s small cities and villages, battling with difficulties and shouldering the heavy load of life.

Mohtasham responds, “As they say, ‘You can say that again.’ What you mentioned accounts for credibility of this character in the case of people up to now or even for the coming years.

She added, “The character is not a submissive woman, though her modesty and plainness of a village resident make this role creditable.  

‘After the Rain’ narrates the story of serfdom during a time in Iran’s history. A couple is killed in an accident, but their children believe that foul play was involved. They try to find out more about their family and discover the reason for their parents’ death by reviewing the diary of their grandmother, Shahrbanou.

Marjan Mohtasham entered the world of acting in 1997. She made her debut with the series ‘The Lost Paradise’.

She gained nationwide fame for her role in the popular series ‘After the Rain’ in 2000.

Mohtasham has appeared in some series, including ‘Reyhaneh’ (2004) and ‘Floating in a Bubble’ (2006).

She has also acted in movies such as ‘The Yellow Rose’ (2002), ‘The Stepmother’  (2008), and ‘My Star’ (2008).