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Saturday January 13, 2018 16:3013

Iran short film ‘Mr. Director’ grabs Spain cash awards for drug abuse

Atlantis Film Awards in Spain has praised ‘Mr. Director’ by Ali Erfan-Farhadi, presenting a 200-euro worth of cash prize to the short.

 First edition of the event billed as an independent and social film festival was recently held in Spanish city of Puertollano with a focus on best social-themed titles from the world.

‘Mr. Director’ sat among the winners, gaining Minor Award worth of 200 euros. The cash prize is given to the best short film, of a 30-year-old or less filmmaker, that makes a film about prevention of consumption of drugs in underage people for a responsible service.

“Mr. Director and his pals being at the same age are set for a film,” the short film synopsis teases.

Atlantis Film Awards is an event that aims to be one of the references in terms of quality in the worldwide scene of filmmaking.

The independent and social film festival encourages first class productions from all around the world of any production year and country.

Also held in Spain, the 6th edition of the MiCe Film Festival will screen the Iranian short film in February 2018.