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Sunday January 14, 2018 11:3945

What is the superstar’s true personality like?

Superstars change, as fame and wealth come into play, but is that true about Mohammadreza Golzar?

You may recognize the superstar from ‘Made in Iran’ series now on ifilm schedule. With hundreds of photos, videos and his bio just a click away, there’s virtually no English language search result about his real character. This is the way some domestic media outlets have so far described him.

He’s reserved; never boasts about himself.

Considers himself an ordinary member of the general public and has many friends.

Is open to the unexpected; always ready to play it by the ear.

Ethics is high on his agenda. Loves his family, and has a balanced character; is always humble.    

And last but not least; his logic prevails over his emotions.


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