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Iran’s first tunnel aquarium in photos

Iran’s largest tunnel aquarium has been designed to house some of the most dangerous aquatic animals in the world.

The tunnel, with the capacity of two million liters of saltwater, includes 33 aquariums, containing animals from the world’s five continents.

The aquarium is located in Nazhvan Forest Park in the Iranian province of Isfahan.

Built seven meters deep in the ground, the tunnel’s area is 4,000 square meters.

The complex includes aquariums of five to 10 meters, cylindrical and touch aquariums, and a tunnel aquarium with 35 meters of length.

Almost 5,000 animals live in this aquarium of which 300 to 350 fishes are from the world’s five continents.

It’s worth mentioning that about 100 of the aquarium animals are among the most dangerous, the rarest, and the strangest fishes.