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Germany picks, chooses Iran carpet doc 'Weavers of Imagination'

Iranian doc 'Weavers of Imagination' wins award at the ARC Film Festival in Germany.

Iranian documentary 'Weavers of Imagination' has grabbed award at the 2018 edition of the Arc Film Festival in Germany.

The Iranian documentary won accolade for Special Narrative in competition with eight other titles.

Directed by Mohammad-Sadeq Jafari, the documentary tells the story of a number of blind people who devise a Braille plan for their carpet weaving.

It also depicts the good relationship and happy moments that they have when they get together.

The documentary has succeeded to receive Best Documentary awards from the 1st Lifft India World Festival held in India, the Cardiff International Film Festival in the UK, and the grand prix at the 4th International Documentary Film Festival and Transmedia in Portugal.

The German showcase is due to establish a new cultural event with focusing on the artist and his work. Compared to other audience-based film festivals, it wants to build a unique place for inspiring meetings and where the interests of the filmmakers have priority.

The 2018 Arc Film Festival was held late April in the German city of Mainz.