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Uzbekistan movie release blocks due to Morgan Freeman lack

An Uzbek action movie is blocked due to US actor Morgan Freeman's failure to appear in the movie despite his presence in the film’s promotional stuff.

An Uzbek action movie is blocked as US actor Morgan Freeman made no appearance despite his presence in the film’s trailer.

The actor was featured on promotional trailers and posters of the film and the decision was made by the Uzbekistan film licensing body due to the inclusion of Freeman in the movie's promotional stuff while the actor failed to appear in it.

‘Daydi’ (Rogue) was set to be open in cinemas soon before the production studio Timur Film was alleged to have violated consumer rights.

The promo trail for 'Daydi' was taken from the US actor’s role in 2015 film 'Last Knights', a government-affiliated media research in Uzbekestan revealed.

The film release hinges on the decisions by two government bodies in the country. This is while the film cannot be shown before the verdicts are made.