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Amir Jafari, Milad Keymaram to star in series 'Forbidden'

Amir Jafari and Milad Keymaram join new series project 'Forbidden'.

 A pair of acting powerhouses Amir Jafari and Milad Keymaram joins new series project titled 'Forbidden'.

The pair joins Atila Pesyani, Pejman Bazeghi, Majid Mozaffari, Khatereh Asadi, Hadi Hejazifar, Elaheh Hesari, Amir-Hossein Arman and Anahita Dargahi as cast members of the series.

The series narrates the story of three generations living at the same time, facing social issues.

Amir Jafari studied Management at the Islamic Azad University and took acting courses at Samandarian Institute.

He made his cinematic debut in 2001 with the film ‘Bread, Love and 1000cc Bike’. He appeared in the series ‘No Comment’, directed by Mehdi Mazloumi, in the same year.

Jafari has appeared in many movies including ‘Poisonous Mushroom’ (2001), ‘Down and Out’ (2007), ‘The Postman Doesn't Ring Three Times’ (2008), ‘The Snitch’ (2009), ‘The Pickpocket of the South Street’ (2001), ‘Thirteen’ (2012), ‘The Rules of Accidents’ (2012), ‘Block 9, Exit 2’ (2013), ‘Stranger’ (2013) and ‘Confession of My Dangerous Mind’ (2014).

Among the series in which he has performed are ‘I’m a Tenant’ (2003), ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ (2007), ‘Privacy Policy’ (2009), ‘Under the Vestibule’ (2010), ‘The Bounced Check’ (2011) and ‘Madness of Love’ (2011).

Milad Keymaram has two older siblings and holds an associate degree in electronics.

The actor has made his debut with acting in ‘National Alley’ (2010) directed by Mehrshad Karkhani.

He has acted in movies such as ‘The Queen’ (2011), ‘Hotline’ (2013), ‘Snow’ (2013), and ‘Mastaneh’ (2014).

The acting talent has also appeared in series such as ‘No Pain, No Gain’ (2011), ‘Relatively Bad Guys’ (2013), and ‘It May Happen to You Too’ (2009-2014).