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‘Confiscation’, ‘Lottery’, ‘Damascus Time’ shine at Iran domestic box office in spring

Iran films ‘Confiscation’, ‘Lottery’, ‘Damascus Time’ succeed to be the domestic chart toppers of spring season.

Iran films ‘Confiscation’, ‘Lottery’, ‘Damascus Time’ have succeeded to be the chart toppers of domestic box office in spring.

According to a local media report published Saturday, top movies at the Iranian box office for spring season include:

-‘Confiscation’, directed by Mehran Ahmadi, (Total gross: 160 billion Rials)

-‘Lottery’, directed by Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian,  (Total gross:  140 billion Rials)

-‘Damascus Time’, directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia,  (Total gross:  130 billion Rials)

‘Confiscation’ is a comedy that follows the story of a SAVAK (Iran's security service before the Islamic Revolution) agent escaping to the US after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

‘Lottery’ narrates the story of Amir-Ali and Noushin who want to get married but their families disagree. They decide to remain patient. They have dreams about winning the US Foreign Ministry lottery for Green Card.

‘Damascus Time’ focuses on security threats by terrorists when an Iranian plane, conveying humanitarian aid to Syria, is challenged in Damascus Airport.