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Need good laugh for hour and half on ifilm?

Need a good laugh, but only got an hour and a half? Then go for 'A Bad Friend'.

Need a good laugh, but only got an hour and a half? Watch ‘A Bad Friend’ then for this weekend on ifilm.

Comedy partnerships have been the part of parcel of Iran cinema with this weekend’s ifilm pick featuring Iraj Tahmasb and Hamid Jebeli as a case in point.

Checking out the flick will give you a chance to get the comedy duo of the famed Iranian actors Tahmasb and Jebeli.

Dating back to the days of Laurel & Hardy, comedy duo is a formula that works best in Iranian cinema. Though, in the case of these two Iranian actors, you can always experience the best of such comedy in Iranian style.

The flick is about Habib who returns to visit his old-time friend in Iran. His friend, Aziz, struggles with emotional issues and has not talked with anyone in years. Habib keeps reminding him of shared memories to help Aziz remember his past. He talks about a heist that they pulled off together and the money that changed their life.

We don’t want to give away more details on the flick, though you can see for yourself this Iranian comedy partnership Saturday on ifilm.