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Are you in mood for 'Dear, I’m in no Mood'?

ifilm weekend pick 'Dear, I’m in no Mood' is one of nostalgic classics of Iran cinema, a review says.

ifilm weekend pick 'Dear, I’m in no Mood' is one of old but gold productions of Iran cinema, a review says.

The piece lauded Mohammad-Reza Honarmand’s flick featuring famed Iran actor Parviz Parastoui and Fatemeh Motamed-Arya who were both taking their maturing years of acting career.

Classified as one of Iran’s feel-good movies, the film showcases how psychological aspects of human beings can play an important role in dealing with social issues, the review reads.

By watching the nostalgic classic, you can realize how Iranian kids flicks in the noughties were like as the flick shows the way parental love toward children makes things complicated.

The importance of such flick is that 'Dear, I’m in no Mood' stands out as one of the most prominent products of indie children’s cinema in Iran.

The difference between movies made for children and young adults in this decade with the last two lies in that the likes of 'Dear, I’m in no Mood' were in pursuit of institutionalizing significant social and educational concepts for audience members in impressionable age brackets.

ifilm flick 'Dear, I’m in no Mood' comes around this Saturday at 22:00 GMT.