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Obstacles on PressTV path toward martyrdom

PressTV 11th birthday and journalists’ sacrifice to unveil the truth – part 1.

Unveiling of the bitter realities in a world replete with hegemony makes the tyrannical regimes behave in cruel ways; that’s why PressTV, on its 11th inauguration anniversary, needs to be known better. Stay with a series of short articles here on ifilm website, on the issue.

The successful operation of PressTV, and its millions of audience members, has been costly; the channel, throughout the years, has managed to successfully absorb massive crowds in the human society, due to being honest and unbiased.

Iran’s PressTV news channel celebrated its 11th birthday on July 2, as the round-the-clock global channel keeps covering high impact news from around the world, and producing and broadcasting news analyses of major events from across the globe. In a few episodes, ifilm will review titles pertaining the news channel’s decade-long resistance and resolve in fulfilling its mission, vis-à-vis the global hegemony and Zionist (Satanic) powers.


The more robust the media outlet, the more influential on public opinion

PressTV is competing in a world of media, where every country or doctrine, if intending to be out there and have something to say, needs to utilize media at the top of its list. In other words, military (hard) war is now primarily replaced with media (soft) war – i.e. if a country has stronger media, it can then report events and developments around the world based on its own policies, hence persuading the public opinion and enjoying a higher number of audience.


Being unbiased and honest, brings you more audience

Among the innumerous English-speaking channels being broadcast, Iran’s PressTV has, based on its impartial and sincere approach to reporting world events, gathered a huge number of viewers. However, the performance and its achievements, has been costly to Iran’s state TV, to which the news channel is affiliated.

Entering its 12th year of activity, the channel has been struggling with several major challenges, to be brought up now in the ensuing parts here.


Limitations on PressTV’s path, to the vicinity of martyrdom

One of the most serious challenges PressTV has faced, on the path of unbiased reporting of world news, and particularly that of the Middle East region, has been the restraints and dangers the channel’s field missions overseas, are facing. The successful performance of the channel has led to the TV’s journalists, reporters and field mission teams being targets of alien media outlets, and global enemies of the nations; they’ve tried to make such targeting via illegal acts, ranging from curbs, to military attacks, which have led to injuries, as well as martyrdom of PressTV field people.


Stay with ifilm in the next episode, chronicling the real stories behind the scenes, of instances of sacrifice and martyrdom of PressTV staff.