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Obstacles on PressTV path toward martyrdom

Unveiling the truth behind PressTV’s sacrifice to report news – part 2.

Unveiling of the bitter realities in a world replete with hegemony makes the tyrannical regimes behave in cruel ways; that’s why PressTV, shortly after its 11th inauguration anniversary, needs to be known better. Stay with a series of short articles here on ifilm website, on the issue.

The successful operation of PressTV, and its millions of audience members, has been costly; the channel, throughout the years, has managed to successfully absorb massive crowds in the human society, due to being honest and unbiased.

Iran’s PressTV news channel celebrated its 11th birthday on July 2, as the round-the-clock global channel keeps covering high impact news from around the world, and to produce and broadcast news analyses of major events from across the globe.

In a few episodes, ifilm is to review titles pertaining the news channel’s decade-long resistance and resolve in fulfilling its mission, vis-à-vis the global hegemony and Zionist (Satanic) powers.

PressTV cameraman martyred in Kabul bomb blast

Last June, and while the worldwide news channel was preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Habibollah Hosseinzadeh, the local cameraman who was working for PressTV, was martyred in a terror bomb attack in Vazir Akbar Khan district of the Afghan capital of Kabul.

He was not the only PressTV Afghan journalist who was killed in Kabul; another, Farhad Taqadossi, was also martyred in 2011 in the same city.

Suspicious death of a journalist, for revealing truth

In another instance of sacrifice, Maya Nasser, PressTV correspondent in Syria, was martyred while reporting on the ground, after he was hit by a gunshot bullet in 2012. 

Also, in 2014, Serena Shim, the channel’s reporter in Turkey, was killed in a suspicious car accident. She, who had a major role in covering the news and reporting them from Turkey, hence unveiling Turkey’s stance vis-à-vis the Daesh terrorists in Kobani and its surrounding area, had announced a few days before her death that Ankara had accused her of espionage and threatened her.

Stay with ifilm in the next episode, chronicling the real stories behind the scenes of instances of sacrifice and martyrdom of PressTV staff.