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Iran short animations to go to Jecheon in S Korea

Two Iranian short animations are to go on screen at the Jecheon festival in South Korea.

Two Iranian short animations have been selected to go on screen at the 14th edition of the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival in South Korea.

Family Fest, a section featuring popular films that possess broad appeal across generations, will screen ‘Butterfly’ by Maryam Khalilzadeh and ‘Instrument’ by Abedin Mohammadi, both from Iran.

The Iranian short animations will compete with five other shorts from the UK, Italy and Germany, Sweden, Russia, and the Philippines at the Family Fest.

‘Butterfly’ depicts a legend. The legend has it that if through enchanted music a man is able to transform a thousand and one girls into butterflies; he himself will be able to fly. A man thus starts turning girls into butterflies. But, arriving at the one thousand and first, he falls in love with her.

Born in 1978 in Tehran, Khalilzadeh got her BA in graphic Design. She has been cooperating with Hoor Artistic Institute for 2 years and is an animator at Saba Cultural Center.

‘Instrument’ is about Iranian people who love music, but they do not like to be a musician. People in Iran are artists, but they are afraid of being artists.

Mohammadi was born in 1986 in Kermanshah. He holds MS in Visual Communication. He is working as director and animator for short films and animations.

The Jecheon International Music & Film Festival presents a series of programs that combine film and music.

The 14th edition of the event will be held on August 9-14, 2018, in South Korea.