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How would you react to lifetime chance: ifilm weekend pick answers

ifilm weekend pick ‘Don’t Call Me a Clunker!’ is themed on a lifetime chance and how people may react.

ifilm weekend pick ‘Don’t Call Me a Clunker!’ is themed on how people would react when a lifetime chance hits.

Many of us have had pipe dreams of getting rich with no efforts whatsoever when the reality would turn out something beyond our imagination in most cases.

This weekend’s ifilm movie features how such daydreaming could lead to countless issues which you have never thought of in a practical sense.

How many of us have ever wished our dreams come true, but to no avail. However, this time in ‘Don’t Call Me a Clunker!’ things are a bit of a surprise where the main character’s lifetime chance is about to happen.

The problem is that there are other issues which make things even harder for the film character. In other words, once the truth sinks in, most of us choose not to battle it out.

The most interesting aspect of Mohsen Yousefi’s offering could be how such situation can pan out in a comical light.

Wait till Saturday to see for yourself how that plays out. For the time being, do share with us in the comment section any experience similar to the storyline of ‘Don’t Call Me a Clunker!’ flick.